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Frequently Asked Questions - Products

We are the first to state that Amish Furniture is not for everyone!  It is for those individuals who value quality and want to grace their homes with heirloom pieces that will be around for generations!  Amish furniture is built to last!  Great pride and detail go into every piece!  The furniture is handcrafted from Solid Wood!  It is NOT cheap pressed wood with veneer strips glued to it!  These pieces are heavy, sturdy, & solid, lasting for years to come.   This is not department store quality furniture!  Amish rockers are made to rock your infants with and then pass on the your sons & Daughters to rock their infants with.

Almost all our Amish Furniture Pieces come fully assembles!  It is NOT furniture that has been manufactured then shipped oversees, stored in a warehouse, and finally arriving on your doorstop boxed, in pieces with assembly instructions!  It is being delivered to your home, straight from the Amish shops where it is handcrafted!

In order to keep our overhead cost low, we do not have a physical showroom you are able to visit.  However, there are many retail furniture stores located here in Holmes County, Ohio where Amish furniture is on display.  This website is intended for individuals who are not able to visit this beautiful area of Ohio, but would still like the opportunity to purchase quality furniture.  By eliminating the expenses associated  with a retail store, we are able to pass those saving on to our customers, keeping our Furniture very reasonably priced.  If you would like to pick up your furniture, contact us and we will gladly discuss that option with you.

Amish furniture is NOT mass produced furniture.  Each piece of furniture is individually built to meet your specifications and ship directly to you.  We are able to have almost any furniure piece customized, something Big Box Stores are not able to offer.  We will continue to add new styles and lines throughout 2012, so check back often.

Quality is extremely important to us!  This website is dedicated to deliver premium quality products.

We refuse to sell cheap, poorly built furniture, similiar to that found in department stores!  All of our pieces hold up to the test of time.  Amish Valley Products researches the products we offer, many of the furniture pieces are handcrafted by our Amish  neighbors, friends, and acquaintances, and we are in constant contact ensuring that your purchase will exceed your expectations.   

We believe a Satisfied Customer is a Returning Customer. 

The majority of our Furniture Pieces are fully Assembled.  Bed Frames will be assembled by our in home delivery personnel.   If an Item will require any assembly it will be noted on the respective product description.

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