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Amish Schools

     There are at least three options for Amish children to receive their schooling.  Most Amish children go to our own private parochial schools.  Some choose to send their children to a local public school and still others take the home school route.


      We have our own Amish teachers.  Most of them are single girls who will teach a few years before they get married.  Each school has a board, usually three men who are responsible to hire teachers and to keep the school running smoothly. 

     Amish children only go through eighth grade.  We really don't need more formal education for the type of jobs we have.  It's not that we are against more education, we just go at it a little differently after eighth grade.  It's more of a hands-on experience, working with the parent or learning a skill. 

     The average school has about 30 to 40 pupils, with a lower grade teacher and an upper grade teacher.  The teachers are allowed to and expected to discipline.  This includes spanking if the offense warrants it. 

     The schools are supported by the parents and churches.  The teachers are paid a modest salary.  Regardless of how we do schooling, we all have to pay public school tax even if we don't use the public school. 

     We don't emphasize sports as the public schools do.  Our children are there to learn.  Most of the subjects taught in our schools are similar to those taught in public schools, such as math, reading, English, and social studies.  Their are differences, however; you will never find a class where evolution is taught - but you might find pupils studying a horse and buggy safety driving course. 

Written by Lester Beachy

Author of  "Our Amish Values"