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Amish Handcrafted Oak Lazy Susan Available in 3 sizes!

Amish Handcrafted Lazy Susan Turntable Oak
Amish Handcrafted Lazy Susan Turntable OakAmish Handcrafted Lazy Susan Turntable Oak
List Price: $79.95

Built by an Amish Builder right here in Holmes County, OHIO the heart of Amish Country!

Built from SOLID wood!  No Particle Board/Veneer!

The lazy susan spins on a metal ball bearing mechanism.

Warm Medium Fruitwood oak Stain

You will find these lazy Susans in almost every amish home.  Used on the family dinner table to keep salt, pepper, napkins neatly organized yet within reach of the family supper gathering.  They can also be great in RV's or serve a variety of functions! Quality Built!

Price: $69.95
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