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Electric Fireplace

Amish Handcrafted Electric Fireplace
Amish Valley Products Stain GuideFireplace Top Molding
List Price: $1,150.00

The Rich, Warm Heirloom Quality of this Electric Fireplace and SOLID wood Mantel is sure to provide many years of appealing beauty to your home!  You will be pleased with the superior quality of this Fireplace.  Each piece is carefully handfitted and assembled by Amish Craftsman who have a passion for quality and responsibility choosing only the finest hardwoods!   Each Fireplace is hand sanded and  inspected before shipment!   This unit is not to be confused with other cheaply assembled fireplaces using veneers and less than quality parts!           Standard Features:

♦ 4600 BTU                            ♦ 10 Yr. Limited Warranty

♦ Remote Control                   ♦  31 7/8"w x 14 1/2"d x 28"h

♦ Shown in B. Maple with OCS113 Michaels Stain

Price: $815.00
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