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Amish Handcrafted Marble Board Game Set - Smooth 22.5" Double Sided Hand Painted Board Game

Marble Game Rat Chase
Marble Game Rat Chase Marble Game Rat Chase  Marble Game Rat Chase
List Price: $129.00

About this item

  • The "Rat Chase" game is truly one of the best board games for family night with kids because young or old, you'll have a blast playing it
  • Premium MDF That Will Last for Ages: Our marble board game is handmade from smooth, durable MDF that's highly resistant to warping and cracking; It's then finished with a beautiful bright white paint; Also, each game has a cut-out handle, so they're a breeze to carry
  •  Every marble board game comes with a 22.5" Round Double Sided Game Board (suitable for 4 and 6 players), Large Colorful 1" Marbles, (6) Game Dice, a Drawstring Bag, and Playing Instructions
  • Delivering You a Piece of Our Community: All of our products are handcrafted by skilled Amish craftsmen in the beautiful rolling hills of Holmes County, Ohio
Price: $119.00
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