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Sm. Step Basket 7" x12" X 11"H

Amish Handwoven Baskets Step Basket
Amish Basket Colors
List Price: $59.95

Welcome to Genuine, High Quality, Sturdy Old Order Amish Handwoven Baskets! 

No Mass Produced Imported Flimsy Items here!

Made the OLD FASHIONED Way – By Hand!

Our Hand Dated & Signed Amish Baskets are some of the finest hand woven baskets you will ever find! 

These are NOT Baskets to merely serve as fashionable decorative Items.  Amish-made baskets are strong, sturdy and built to use!   Carry your pies or casseroles to the next pot-luck or use to hold your magazines, yarn, or as a catch all in your vehicle.  These baskets will hold up under the heaviest loads!
Not only are they beautiful, they are USEFUL! 

Handles are made from wood or leather.

Price: $48.00
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